The Good Fight

"INTENSE! 'THE GOOD FIGHT' brings out the hero in all of us", Baron Book Review

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Jeffery Scott had always made it on his own. An unwanted child, Jeff spent his childhood being pushed from family members to orphanages before finally ending up on the street, until one night, in an alley behind a popular restaurant, Jeff’s life was saved by a dark suited vigilante. Through the mask of the vigilante, Jeff found the courage he needed to change his life, to get an education and become the person even his own family had told him he could never become.

Sixteen years later, Jeff is only a semester away from graduating from community college. With his eyes on graduation, Jeff’s life once again crosses with the dark suited vigilante. But this time, he learns the vigilante’s identity. Over the next year, Jeff fights to discover the line between what he wants and what he must do. His decisions will not only affect those he cares about, but will also alter the course of his life.

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