The Day No One Died

    The year is 2534. Many of the earth’s greatest nations still exist. The United States of America, having long lost its way, is locked in a political struggle for oceanic property rights. While a small private market still exists, men and women work to support the state itself. Property rights have vanished and groups around the nation are fighting to gain back their independence.

    Daniel and Sarah Freeman live in the quaint town of Rochester Indiana. They accept their lives and support their country as do others. However, faced with the loss of their house and the failure of the educational system, they are looking for a way to offer a better future for their eight year old son, Joshua. Their only choice, the private sector's first attempt at colonization.

    Saying goodbye to everything they have ever known, Daniel and his family set off for the planet of Flora. Upon the ship's arrival, they discover they are not where they should be and the planet of Flora destroyed, many ages ago. With no way home, Daniel must lead the colonization effort himself, with only his family and his faith for support.

    (In Production)