Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review

    Reviewed by Danita Dyess for Readers' Favorite

    In the book Nothing Good is Free by Matthew R. Horn, we learn that being a vigilante is not easy. Jeff Scott has to rely on the secret information given to him by Martell, a detective with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to stay one step ahead of the police force. But the real problem is the death of Jim, his mentor and ex-Marine, who donned a mask and a suit and rid the city of its most notorious crimes. But Jim’s body was found in the basement of a drug dealer’s house. Now that Jeff has taken Jim’s place, things seem even stranger. Will Jim find out about the CPD’s 22-year-old cover-up of traceable drugs? Is Jeff being used as a pawn in the CPD’s covert, masterful game?

    Nothing Good is Freefelt like the classic crime fighting stories I used to watch on TV. But it was different. I liked the modern elements of a corrupt police force, the power of the media and real-world relationship issues. The tension and pace kept you in suspense. Horn did a great job of creating believable characters. I appreciated the pivotal details of Jim’s background in Desert Storm, Brook’s human resources career, etc. Of course, Jeff was the quintessential guy next door who wanted to do the right thing and save the world. This book was a sequel to The Good Fight. Nothing Good is Free is highly recommended.

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    Baron Book Review

    "...[The Good Fight] is an intriguing and intense series of events...This is the first book from the author and it’s an out of the ordinary read. The topic was new to me and it was a nice change from the usual shoot ‘em up thriller....Overall the book was easy to follow. The theme of “good over bad” is an interesting one to ponder. What would YOU do if you saw a crime in progress? Or if someone asked you to help pro-actively fight a crime?

    In real life, most people are blind to the wrongdoings and violence around them. They bury their heads in the sand so they don’t feel guilty when a crime happens in front of them and they don’t intervene. However, there are real-life defenders around who take the situation into their own hands and do get involved---but they are few and far between. Some of these guardians really do dress up in super-hero suits to guard their neighborhood. Reading The Good Fight fits in perfectly with today’s headlines!

    I’d give The Good Fight a 4 out of 5 star rating. It’s now available for download at Amazon.com and other online retail outlets.

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    The Good Fight Available as E-book

    February 20th 2011 - “The Good Fight” by Matthew Horn is now available in E-book format with the print version to be available by June 2011. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords.com, Sony, and Apple. “The Good Fight”, published by Brighton Publishing, tells the tale of a young boy named Jeff whose life is saved by a vigilante. After returning the favor years later, Jeff learns the identity of his childhood savior. After reluctantly becoming his hero’s protégé, Jeff eventually must decide for himself the difference between right and wrong. Jeff will need to find the courage to fight for what he believes and become a true hero. “People need a real hero,” says Matthew. “This book was a lot of fun to write. It’s interesting to think that a hero might be the person sitting right next to you.” Book author Matthew R. Horn, is the Chief Financial Officer for Modern Materials in Rochester Indiana. While he has written several other works, this is his first published novel. To learn more, please visit www.matthewrhorn.com.

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    Brighton Publishing signs new author Matthew Horn


    Press Release Oct 19, 2010 – The story unfolds on the gritty streets of real-life Chicago. It centers on Jeffery Scott, a young boy in the wrong place at the wrong time, saved by a masked vigilante's intervention. After learning his hero's true identity many years later, Jeffery gets the chance to return the favor. Unfortunately, Jeffery soon learns his hero is not quite the noble Good Samaritan he envisioned. Jeffery is ultimately required to risk everything he cares for in his life, love and future to become a hero himself in stopping his now mentor vigilante hero, from doing the unthinkable.

    "The Good Fight" is a captivating read, laced with the undertone conflict of making the right moral decisions when torn between two worlds. This fast paced story explores the purpose and reasoning of how something so right, can end so wrong. Grabbing the attention of those who enjoy mature superhero stories in a present day real life setting, it challenges the reader to understand the potential evil in unconstrained power, while revealing the hero and the satisfaction of revenge that exists in all of us.

    Matthew Horn, a graduate of Purdue University, is an avid reader and writer. Residing with his family in Rochester, Indiana and working in the family business, he spends his spare time in outdoor activities when not writing.

    According to Kathie McGuire, the director of Brighton Publishing, “The Good Fight” is poised to make a spectacular entry into the field. Matthew has successfully managed to bridge the gap between children's and adult superhero stories that few writers have been able to achieve. This is a book that is undeniably appealing to readers of all ages. We are anxiously awaiting the completion of this gifted writer's next work.

    Publisher contact is: donald@brightonpublishing.com

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    Brighton Publishing LLC releases print edition of “The Good Fight” by author Matthew R. Horn


    Brighton Publishing LLC announced the print edition release of debut author Matthew R. Horn’s masterful novel of psychological suspense and intense action that takes readers on a dangerous journey along the ragged edge between heroes and villains
    CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC announced the print edition release of “The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice,” by author Matthew R. Horn. Already a breakthrough success as an eBook, Horn’s dark, unsettling novel follows the epic saga of two memorable characters: one a masked vigilante believed to be the consummate hero, the other a young boy who grows up to realize the heroes of his youth are not what they seemed to be . . .
    . . . and now must be stopped at all costs.

    The gritty streets of Chicago come to life in Matthew Horn’s instant classic. The sights, the sounds, the smells of urban life gone astray. For young Jeffery Scott, a boy in the wrong place at the wrong time, salvation comes in the form of a masked vigilante who saves his life.

    The years pass, but again fate intervenes and Jeffrey not only learns the identity of his childhood savior, but stumbles across the opportunity to return the favor. But when he discovers the Good Samaritan of his youth is not the noble hero he imagined, reality—as Jeffery understands it—begins to collapse all around him. And the nightmare of what he must do begins.

    “The Good Fight” is a captivating read, filled to the brim with conflict both tense and emotional. A mature superhero story reminiscent of The Watchmen, with characters whose powers are as impressive as the moral questions they must resolve.

    “For readers, the feeling is like being caught in the wake of a large ship, overwhelmed by the forces which pound away at you, wave after wave,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing. “Readers are challenged to confront the potential evil in unconstrained power when even in the hands of a would-be hero. That is the magic of Matthew Horn’s novel, and why readers are already asking for more. This page-turner will keep you enthralled from beginning to end, guaranteed.”

    Matthew Horn, a graduate of Purdue University, is an avid reader and writer. Residing with his family in Rochester, Indiana and working in the family business, he spends his spare time in outdoor activities when not writing.

    PURCHASE INFO: “The Good Fight” is available at all booksellers nationwide, and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all leading retailers. Bulk orders are available through Brighton Publishing. Retailers may purchase direct through Ingram.

    # # # For more information, please contact Kathie McGuire at Kathie@BrightonPublishing.com.

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    Brighton Publishing signs Matthew R. Horn for second book "Nothing Good is Free: The Good Fight II"


    Readers are ecstatic as author delivers sequel to "The Good Fight"

    CHANDLER (AZ)-Brighton Publishing LLC announced the signing for a second book with author Matthew R. Horn for his latest work, Nothing Good is Free: The Good Fight II. "This brings Mr. Horn's sequel into the Brighton stable, which should make readers who have been clamoring for more of Jeffrey Scott's vigilante exploits very happy," affirmed Kathie McGuire, Brighton's director. "Matthew R. Horn continues adding to his suspense series with his second book dealing with even more spine-chilling action and suspense. Horn is without question securing his place among the top-ranking action-suspense writers in his genre."

    "Nothing Good is Free," as with his previous book, "The Good Fight," will be available in all popular eBook formats at retailers nationwide with the print version distributed by Ingram, the world's largest wholesale book distributor, in addition to being available on the Espresso Book Machine Network. The release of "Nothing Good is Free" is slotted for late 2012.

    Jim was Jeff's mentor-and he was a vigilante. And after his death, Jeff decides to wear the vigilante suit and fill Jim's shoes. He vows to walk a straighter line, fighting injustice; however, Jeff quickly begins to see how Jim's fight had changed over the years. Jeff is now fighting to keep his job and his girlfriend, while at the same time staying one step ahead of both the police and the mob. Jeff searches for pieces of Jim's history, trying to piece together Jim's life and understand what caused him to falter. Jeff risks everything to discover what happened to his mentor before he loses his job, his love, and possibly his own life.

    "Add the name Matthew R. Horn to the ranks of Brian Garfield, the author of Death Wish made popular by the movie series starring Charles Bronson, and Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movie franchise," said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. "Matthew Horn spins yet another mesmerizing story that doles out retribution in a skillfully plotted, highly entertaining, and thought-provoking book that is sure to keep the reader turning pages."

    Matthew Horn is a graduate of Purdue University, an avid reader, and a dedicated writer. Residing with his family in Rochester, Indiana and working in the family business, he spends his spare time in outdoor activities when not writing.

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    Reviwed by Kim Ford for The Wordsmith Journal

    "There are always different ways of arriving at the same places in life. He saved your life when you were young, and it changed who you were for the better. But, what if he was there trying to save a young boy simply because he hoped the boy would grow up to idolize him?" (Brooke, p. 146)

    Jeffry Scott represents the underdogs of the world. He has risen from the depths of depravity into a life of hard work and education - pulling himself up by his bootstraps, as it were - and then a dark hero from his past explodes into his present and he must choose between his chosen path and one of uncertain adventure. His journey of discovery reads much like a comic book hero's tale, and he is given the chance to stand up for people caught in the grips of unfair and sometimes violent circumstances.

    Jeff is drawn beneath the wings of his long-ago hero, and offered a chance to train to take his place as a disguised hero for the oppressed. Through an orchestrated series of tests and sometimes through genuinely dangerous happenstance, Jeff realizes that standing up for others does not always require a hero to bring about justice. Sometimes it just requires the courage to stand up and report crime and allow the justice system to run its course. Jeff learns that the important decisions in life are not always cut and dry, and sometimes one choice prevents another opportunity from coming to fruition. He must discern his own motives for justice and decide what role he will play in bringing justice to others struggling to rise above the unpleasant circumstances of life.

    Matthew Horn has written a classic hero's tale. I've never read anything quite like this before. The spiritual truths are very light and almost an afterthought. The emphasis seems to be on the main character's ability to struggle through some very confusing relationships and discover what he is, and is not responsible for in his life. Jeff also struggles with interacting with the world around him as he attempts to overcome the neglect of his past. Horn's writing is very different from other authors I've read, and it is obvious he wants to encourage others thorough his stories and help them to find a better way. His story contains mild profanity and some violence - none of which is excessive in nature. With continued growth and honing his writing skills, he could be an author to watch.

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    Reviewed by Emily Jane Hills Olford for All Books Review

    Batman and Robin, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, move over. Here comes Jeffery Scott a.k.a Jeff. He's not dressed in any kind of distinguishing disguise; at least, not yet. However, his mentor is: Jim McMillan is the vigilante master of disguise and righting the wrongs of society. But perhaps he goes too far. Jeff's first encounter with the black masked man conjures a childhood hero image that remains with the boy and spurs him on to better himself, to become more than the rejected child, a lost person in the system of orphanages and group homes. Jeff studies and works hard; all the while thinking that his goal is to make something of himself, to find a good job and make a home for himself. In other words, Jeff seeks the security that he never experienced as a child. That goal, and the image of the man who inspire it, is challenged many times after his second encounter with the man in the black suit. Jim lies and cheats and tries every manner of conniving tricks to convince Jeff that his way of justice is the right way. But is it? Jeff's not too sure.

    The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice is a thrilling book that explores the image of a super-hero, challenging one's preconceived ideas and making the reader question themselves as to who is right and who is wrong. There is a fine line between good and evil, right and wrong, and the characters in this book frequently challenge the boundaries that divide. In the end, is there really a right or wrong way to deal with the evils of society?

    Matthew R. Horn works in management and writes in his free time. He believes in writing from the heart in a way that reaches out to his readers. The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice is Horn's second book on the theme of heroism and what makes a real hero.

    The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice is a thrilling read, a real page turner and one that challenges the reader's perception of right and wrong. It is recommended by award-winning author and Allbooks reviewer, Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Allbooks Reviews, www.allbooksreviewint.com.

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    Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite

    Nine year old Jeff is homeless and is busy getting food to eat from the dumpster behind his favorite Chicago restaurant when he finds himself watching a man in a strange rubber suit destroy three men in the alley below him. Those three men were ready to turn on Jeff and kill him. Sixteen years pass, and Jeff has never forgotten this man who saved his life although he works long hours to support himself and earn a college degree at night. Then the man in the rubber suit approaches Jeff once again. His name is Jim McMillan and this time, he wants Jeff to take his place as the rubber suited vigilante who takes on gangs and people who are up to no good. Jeff is honored as he has had few people in his life who have cared for him and watched over him but Jim wants to train Jeff by testing him in different situations. Jeff has no time for himself and for Brooke, the girl in his life. Can he honor Jim by succeeding him in his vigilante role?

    "The Good Fight: A Fight for Truth and Justice" is an interesting and exciting tale that tells of one man's heroic stand against criminals and human predators. Jeff as near-orphan who has been neglected by his family is the perfect main character for this fascinating tale. Jim McMillan, the rubber-suited vigilante, is totally believable as he goes about inflicting justice upon bad people. That he watches Jeff and wants him to be totally hooked on his way of life is understandable. ..."The Good Fight" is a story readers will want to put on their list of 'must reads.'

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