Heroism II

    It has been ten years since Mark defeated Roan. The land of Borlon is in turmoil as the Kingdom of Jaire has gained the upper-hand in the War for the Central Plains. Jevril, leader of The League, has died and his death and the war have disrupted communication between the land's secret heroes. In Blackridge, Mark’s home town, a new evil has arisen. A group called the Dark Ring is feeding off of the fear caused by the war, using the black market to sell weapons. Their promise of wealth and power is an illusion to the honest and hardworking people they corrupt. But the Dark Ring also holds a dark secret, the use of innate heroic abilities. Mark gathers his old friends to his side to wage war against this new threat. But Mark is fighting another battle, the Dark Ring’s promise could help save his family from poverty and help him rebuild his once beautiful town. Mark must choose what is truly important, and once again save the land from its greatest evil.

    (In Production)