The land of Borlon was born through the ashes of the Heroic War, a war where the land's greatest heroes were forced to unite in order to defend against the land's greatest villains. The heroic bloodline itself is lost forever, or so it is thought. There exists in secret, a collection of those displaying innate abilities as those of old, before the destruction of the land. They are The League, and they watch over the land, protecting, hiding, until the reemergence of evil.

    Mark Telford is the youngest of six children, living in Blackridge, a small village far to the north in the wooded land of Rackma. He exists as any and all, until his innate abilities emerge during a hunting accident. Informed of the truth by his brother-in-law Bilson, a member of The League and Watchman of the North, Mark takes his sword and travels south to Belnok, the League’s training grounds. There he learns of an evil force rising in Borlon, a threat others do not see. He must learn to use his peculiar abilities and find some way to save the land Borlon from the first great villain since the Heroic War itself.

    (In Production)